Wednesday, December 24, 2014

GISHWHES 2014 Story

GISHWHES is over for the year, and while this is a little slow in coming, I did help a friend's team who requested a piece of microfiction for item #78: Obtain from a previously published sci-fi author a story of no more than 140 words that included Misha Collins, the Queen of England, and an elopus (an elephant-octopus chimera, the mascot of the hunt).

This is what I contributed:

Misha's Greatest Gift 
by H.S. Kallinger, author of the Lost Humanity series

“What have you done, Mr. Collins?” Her majesty stared at the expansive tank in front of her.
“You said that your greatest wish was to commission the most amazing, intelligent creature in the world,” Misha answered, confused by her reaction. “You wanted to be remembered forever. Well, an elephant never forgets.”
“This is not an elephant!” The Queen of England gestured emphatically at the grey beast settling to the toy-strewn, sandy bottom of the enclosure.
Misha followed her gaze. What some might describe as 'monstrous,' the beast had an obvious intelligence shining from her black eyes. He found her beautiful. Each tentacle felt around its environment with care.
“It's your elopus, your majesty. We've given you your dream.”
The elopus turned to her, and in a sentient display, dipped down into a bow.

“Yes.” Misha smiled. “Your greatest dream.”